Mini Film Review – Mortal Engines

I have just been out to see Mortal Engines; and I rather enjoyed it. Based on the book of the same name; the plot revolves around great moving cities, the particular focus being on London. It’s an interesting film, with some short comings: the cast is a bit off at times; the main leads are pretty good in Hera Hilmar and Robert Sheehan. Hugo Weaving‘s performance is as great, but looks and feels too much like Elrond; he is still however a pretty cool bad guy. There could have been some more background build-up too as the film jumps points to make up time (although is already a pretty long film anyway), which makes Stephen Lang‘s performance as Shrike sometimes well done, and other times too spaced out. What the film loses in its core details it makes up in others: the soundtrack is a great match, and the fight scenes are small but epic. The Visual Effects are Majestic; it is a film to behold and whose majesty should be seen by all. Altogether, it is a fun film with something for everyone, and will provide a long-lasting memory for those wanting something new. This is the film, that Avatar should have been!

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