Triple 20 Milestone

Since two or three years ago, when I bought a paper dart board for my old bedroom door, I have kept up practicing my darts; and this past week I reached a major milestone. I don’t practice as often as I should, but I can tell that I have got a lot better at Darts in recent years. I used to have one for years which I used on and off, but I fell behind with it. I did get a proper good PDC professional board many years ago, but I lost the wall fitting, and while I could have found some kind of replacement for it, all I wanted to do a few years back was just play, and the paper board’s I could get from DW Sports had hooks on them, so I could use the old nail still in my door from all those years ago.

By Tijmen Stam -, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Since then I have kept up with my darts practice on and off, but I have improved greatly, I hardly ever hit the door now. Since this past Easter, when my bedroom was refurbished, the builders made a sort of wall/door fitting for my darts board and screwed it in; it’s still a paper board, but it does give me an option in the future for a proper professional board possibly.

My Board

I even have my own special darts. They are Unicorn and weigh 25g, and their grip is more cut in and have a thin shaft, rather than the chunky variety you find in some dart board sets. I like them, but am struggling to find a similar replacement for them for when the time comes. When I play, I mostly do this game where you throw the darts at anywhere in each number in order, starting at 1 and going round and this is my main practice regime. Recently though I began to aim for triple 20 also. The first time I did this it took me about fifteen throws to get a dart in it. What I do now is, after doing some number throwing, I try to hit triple 20 within nine darts.

My Darts

Well, this week, I reached a major milestone, as I managed to get two darts in a row in triple 20, one after the other. The third one sadly bounced off the board, so I didn’t get 180, but 120 is still pretty good. Pretty happy with that.



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