TV Trailers – Luther Series 2

Every time a new series of Luther is on the way; it’s a ‘No-Brainer’, it must be watched. Each Season released to date has included an announcement trailer that Idris Elba is on his way to BBC One. But if it was up to me, it would always be the same trailer. That is because, as far as each trailer and series goes, to me, no other trailer for Luther is better than the one used for Season 2.

Luther is one of my favourite shows. It is a guaranteed hour of sinister crime based entertainment that will keep me hooked from start to finish. Although I do have to admit, I didn’t see any of the first series. I have seen bits here and there, but to this day I have not seen a single episode of Season 1 of Luther. The series didn’t grab my attention until I saw Thor. I absolutely loved Elba’s performance as Heimdall that it made me take notice of Elba’s other work.


Season 2 of Luther was when the show grabbed my attention. On late night repeats during it’s run, it grabbed my interest, and from then on, I have not missed an episode since. It is a brilliant show; sinister yes; but still pretty good viewing fun.

The trailer for Luther season 2 is great, from a first viewing it simply looks like someone trashing their office in reverse, however it is more complex than that. The trailer starts off with him looking like someone who has just had a massive fight and is catching his breath, but as he puts his office back together in the most creative way possible, it shows him cool and nonchalant like everything in the world is at ease. The song chosen for the trailer (Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood by Nina Simone) is a great addition to the piece as it really demonstrates what is happening in the trailer.

What this trailer shows is that John Luther is a complex man. He is at heart a very good man, one who is intelligent and good at what he does; it’s just that things are not in his control, and that everything he does; despite his good intentions, just get worse. He is not a bad man, just one who has to deal with it when it eventually gets worse around him. One way of seeing the trailer is that he is the man who brings order to chaos, and through most of the show he does achieve this, but against him are a wall of problems with no end in sight and to some degree he has to use unconventional, possibly viewed as some what criminal means, in order to achieve this.


This trailer is a great way of selling the show, as to those who already know of him, know what they are in for; but to those new to the world of Luther, it’s a foreshadow of things to come and comes with a promising and reversed explosion into the unstable world of DCI John Luther.


It’s like the lyrics suggest: He’s “just a soul who’s intentions are good.”

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