Death Or Glory

Death or Glory is a song by Iron Maiden from their 16th studio album; The Book of SoulsIt’s one of my favourite Iron Maiden songs and the live music video is terrific. I have struggled listening to studio recordings of their songs as they don’t sound as good (to me) as their live performances. Their live performances carry a unique energy and atmosphere to them.

Death or Glory as a lyric is fantastic, and one that features heavily in the song’s chorus. The chorus begins with a two lined introductory build-up  which then goes into the main event. The words Death or Glory feature on all four lines of this chorus and act almost like a statement which is then followed by an interesting answer. The main one that sticks into my mind when I listen to it is the line: “Death or glory, it’s all the same”, which I think just sounds terrific!

Metal Injection

The Music video makes great use of both its lyrical use, plus also the use of filming the video from several live performances of the song. The video therefore features the energy and atmosphere of a live stage performance from the band, plus also creates its own unique plan for how the song features its terrific line. featuring many famous rock stars, a football club, Ed Force One‘s cabin crew and fans in general, these extra stars of the video deliver the line Death or Glory followed with the answer delivered by Bruce Dickinson himself.

It’s a fun song, and easily one of my favourite songs from the band. it’s a hard one to pin down in explanation without divulging into a much longer post. For now, just feel the power of such a good song from one of the world’s premier heavy metal bands!

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