Video Game Trailers – God of War III

To date, I have not played a single game in the God of War series. I have wanted to, but it has all come down to bad timing. Currently my PS3 is gathering dust as it’s only real use now is Blu-ray playing until I can get a decent Blu-ray drive for my PC. Despite not having played God of War, there is one thing I do though like very much about it: this trailer for God of War 3 from E3 2008. I saw this trailer on Gamer.TV I think it was and then on Playr, both on the now defunct Bravo TV channel. I like the awe the trailer provides. It creates this great introduction into a novel of chaotic proportions. The trailer shows storms, collapsing buildings, a deep torrent of lava and great shot of Mount Olympus. On to this we get the great narration which I assume is coming from Zeus. It’s commanding, but also its sounds contradicting to what he is saying. Then it ends with a view of Kratos with the voice shouting at him in the third person, but it’s not Zeus who ends it, but Kratos who delivers the fantastic line: “There Will Be Only Chaos!”

It’s a brilliant trailer as it really sets up this beast of a game and wants you to take part and find out what happens. It is one of my most memorable video game trailers if not moments. I may not have played any God of War games, but I am a big fan of this trailer.

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