Quantum Of Solace Theme

There’s a pretty good joke in the BBC series Mongrels about Quantum of Solace. Nelson the Fox tries to create a cut-away about a scene from Quantum of Solace, only to get mixed up with Casino Royale. Nelson then says: “I’m sure I’ve seen it, I just can’t remember anything about it!” Not to have a go at Quantum of Solace or anything myself, it had some fun scenes including that cool one in the opera theatre, but it is easily one of the weaker entries in the series, and looking back on it now, it didn’t make much sense to me. The opening theme tune is pretty cool though.


It’s quite a nice funky little tune. It starts strong with its opening riff, and then is followed by a lyrical beat delivering a rap of sorts. It then goes dark and sort of goes into a blue’s theme but keeps up it’s funky little riff. The lyrics themselves sound pretty good too. they’re fast and dance nicely to the beat, and if you struggle to hear exactly what they’re saying or can’t keep up, they still sound pretty good. Little keywords and note changes that just keep it nice and funky.

It’s a tune which sort of stays in the contemporary period but sort of lashes together classic themes from the older films, but keeps in tune and riff styles that almost echo Tomorrow Never Dies by having the opening also close out. The film may be a bit bland, but the theme definitely stands out.

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