The First Video Game Level That Scared Me!

Red Steel is a game by Ubisoft and was one of the launch titles of the Wii. It was a game I Loved and along with Wii Sports was one of the first games I got for my Wii. It was a First Person Shooter that also had elements of Sword Fighting implementing the new motion controllers of the Wii Remote. While it may have not been loved by all, it was a video game that I just wanted to keep playing. I loved it’s gameplay, the story was pretty gripping, the soundtrack was quite deep, it had one of the most beautiful gardens I had ever seen, plus it made main features of two things I like: Swords, and all things Japanese. Also it made me genuinely scared to play a video game level!


I had known about the development of Red Steel for many months leading up to the launch of the Wii. At the time I used to get Official Nintendo Magazine which included news and reviews of all the latest Nintendo products, and it too chartered the upcoming arrival of the Nintendo Wii. One month I got a DVD in one magazine which included footage of the 2006 E3 expo. It included footage of the Nintendo press conference, plus a few extra snippets. One of these snippets was the trailer for Red Steel. It was a trailer I watched over and over again as I just liked the overall look of the game, it’s theme and gameplay.

Fast forward many months later. I had my Wii and was playing Red Steel, and I got to the really weird level (Tetsuo’s Games) where you do many weird things for someone who is basically the owner of a large gambling den. It was a level which featured exploding rabbits, Dino dressed villains who hide inside eggs, and power ranger suited swordsmen. Anyway, the first part of the level didn’t involve any of that; it involved going through a building and doing the same old thing of shooting people who shoot at you, as you slowly make your way to the roof. Well, it was as the end of the first part approached, and it was at this moment that everything seemed rather familiar. The rooms looked familiar, right down to the decorations!

The level was the same as the one shown in the trailer. Some parts were different, but in the end it ended the same way, with the guy shooting through the door blinds, and then fighting the bloke on the roof. At the moment I began to freeze, as I was scared at how similar everything was, and I was afraid to continue as I was unsure of how things were going to pan out. I though did manage to push myself forward to complete that bit, which also turned out to be the easy part of the level.


Basically, things got trickier, there were dark room parts with white dots appearing everywhere which was scary enough as it is, that combined with how hard it was to climb a ski slope as exploding rabbits are thrown at you, not to mention the first appearance of a sword wielding power ranger.

Took me a while to complete that level in the end, but at least the scariest part was over and done with.


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