Recently I have been playing a lot of SubaraCity on Nintendo Switch. It’s a rather fun and pleasant little puzzle game which combines city creation with block puzzle gameplay.

The game is very similar to block based or line based puzzles. Basically there are 3 to 4 sets of colours, and when these blocks are connected to each other in straight lines, they create patches of land, which when clicked on; consolidate into one block, in turn fusing all types of housing and land together to create a superior building. As patches of land upgrade, blocks above them fall down and fill the holes left by previous blocks, creating further patches. Once a set of land flashes and is clicked upon, they upgrade to white tiles, which when linked to other white tiles can be upgraded one further time, creating landmarks. Patches of land need to be at least 2 blocks in number to be combined, however each game provides you with the mayoral ability to delete a single block of land if you want to free up space. As your land and buildings change, your population is increased, and when there are only single block patches left (and no more mayoral abilities left), the game ends.

SubaraCity is quite a fun little puzzle game. It’s a game which is very simple to play, yet still carries an element of strategy as you try to make the best patches of land come together, creating the biggest possible areas of white tiles, and then unlocking further landmarks. It’s a game I find myself simply picking up and playing anytime of day as the game is pretty quick, but in-depth enough to keep wanting to play. If there is nothing worth bothering with on TV, I simply pick up my Switch and play a couple of games of SubaraCity.

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