Mini Film Review – Fighting With My Family

I have just been out to see Fighting With My Family; and it was Brilliant!

The film is a biopic of sorts, dramatizing the life of WWE wrestler Paige from her humble beginnings wrestling in her father‘s company (World Association of Wrestling), to her rise to the top of the WWE roster. The film altogether is pretty well done. The cast’s performance is solid and the story is more like a good British drama than a rise to riches American movie. Florence Pugh is so believable as Paige, I needed to remind myself of that as she seems so much like the real thing. Jack Lowden was as equally epic, really showing the strains of what losing out on your dreams can do to you. The story was just as deep, creating a story that nearly brought me down in tears. It had some real laugh out loud moments, but also created some really troubling drama. I will though say that as someone who has followed Paige’s career (since seeing her wrestle in Morecambe many years ago), the ending doesn’t seem the same way as it actually happened, and I think the existence of NXT has been shoe horned in as such to hide something! It’s also weird how the film doesn’t once mention that Paige was the first ever NXT Women’s Champion? Apart from the little issue I feel of some of the story being made up for the purposes of movie storytelling, the film itself is super solid: It’s funny, inspiring, heart-braking, and just a wonderfully enjoyable film from start to finish.


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