Movie Trailers – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)

In 2014, there was one movie I was looking forward to more than any other: Godzilla. But when the summer began to draw in and the buzz of seeing that movie passed, I focussed on the DVD release of Godzilla, and also the upcoming release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


I had watched the Turtles on TV growing up, watching their early cartoon series and some live action TV, but most notably their 2003 cartoon series. I was a big fan of that and it was a super cool and well done TV series. The film that followed it, 2007’s TMNT was also pretty good, and I kept an eye on any developments regarding it’s future, which eventually turned into this. As more and more info came out about this one, I steadily became more and more excited by it, to which it became my most anticipated film of 2014; after the release of Godzilla. As the weeks went by until it’s release I continued to watch the trailer in excitement, plus also this clip in the lift:

The trailer is a pretty cool trailer as it does set up an almost unique version of the Turtles in at least a story fashion. It sets up how they meet April O’Neil (Megan Fox), plus informs the audience of what they can expect from the film, including an appearance from long time Turtles villain; The Shredder. The trailer also includes some good interactions between characters, both Human, Turtles (and Rat), plus in the final bit also includes some pretty cool music and crazy stunt work. On the downside though, it feels like the trailer does fall into the big issues with most trailer’s these days in that it almost sets up and tells the story from the trailer alone as it shows key plot points even in snippet form which in some regards is a bit rubbish.

Despite the issue though, the trailer is still a pretty cool one. Some people could argue that from synopsis styling alone it may appear to be a bit bland; but I think that in all it isn’t too bad as the trailer shines in presentation alone, presenting key aspects of what this film is about and how it differs from other films in the series. Plus, the Turtles themselves look pretty awesome!

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