Top 5 Betty Crocker Cake Mixes

I like baking, and every now and then, when I want to do something a bit more simply, I would buy and bake a cake mix produced by Betty Crocker. Betty Crocker cake mixes are simple to make, plus taste great too. I don’t really buy any other mixes available, except in the rare occasion where another product looks great and is possibly not available in the Betty Crocker range. There are a lot of different styles of cake available for production in this format, and I thought I would share with you My Top 5 choices that I have made over the years. Enjoy!

British Corner Shop

5. Chocolate Swirl – The Chocolate Swirl cake is a fun recipe to make as the combination of Vanilla and Chocolate when stirred together create a nice fusion of flavours, plus create a beautiful marble effect. One small issue with the design is that the tub of icing is more than enough for the top, so you do have some left over. To get the best use of this though, you can put icing round the sides to hide the marble effect until it is cut into, presenting the idea that it’s just a chocolate cake.

British Corner Shop

4. Devil’s Food – Devil’s Food cake is just pure chocolatey heaven without being too dark that Death By Chocolate can sometimes be. This is just a nice soft sponge cake with velvety chocolate icing which almost melts in the mouth. It’s just chocolate goodness in the form of a cake.

British Corner Shop

3. Red Velvet – The first time I tried Red Velvet Cake, it was a Betty Crocker mix that I made at home. To this day it’s still the best Red Velvet cake recipe I have tried and eaten, and I made one from scratch from a recipe book. It’s easy to make, just like a Betty Crocker mix is and the combination of sponge and velvety vanilla/cream cheese icing just works so well. It’s such a big hit in my house, that I made one for my Mam’s Birthday cake a few years ago.

Candy Store2. Tempting Chocolate – Devil’s Food cake is brilliant, there is nothing wrong with it, it’s a great chocolate cake. Tempting Chocolate meanwhile is just that little bit lighter in texture and the eating experience is richer for it (despite this being maybe not as rich in chocolate as Devil’s Food cake).

1. Spiced Ginger – While possibly not in production anymore (not unless this post goes stratospheric enough for production to restart?), that doesn’t take away the experiences I have had with this cake. A very experimental flavour and mix, the spiced ginger taste is deep and rich while not being too heavy on the spice, providing a new and interesting taste to the buds, and one you’ll be wanting to try again soon.

Spiced Ginger Cake(I also like to make Betty Crocker Brownies).

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