The Wild Wild West

I remember when this film got released: I was on a family holiday in Cornwall at the time, and I remember McDonald’s selling Happy Meals with movie related toys in their packs. At the time of its original release I had no interest in seeing this film despite how much it was being marketed as ‘THE’ Summer Blockbuster. To this day I don’t have much interest in watching it, although a few months ago I did see the ending of the film, and I could tell from that alone, that it was a pretty poor product.


Even though the Movie didn’t do too well, and its overall ending was poor, Wild Wild West does have one plus; it’s song. Will Smith doesn’t rap much these days (as far as I am aware). I do remember him releasing singles not just for movies when I was younger, although his movie single’s releases were pretty prominent. His song from Men in Black 2 still sounds pretty good, and so does this (partially) song. I may have heard bits of it when it was originally released, but my main knowledge of this film/song from that time, comes from an impression Harry Hill made on his Channel 4 show. It is though in more recent times that I have given this song a listen.


It starts off pretty well, and is quite an easy listening track with some nice lyrics and story telling, plus good riffs and build-up. I do though think the quality sort of peters out as it goes on. The opening is fun all the way to the chorus, but then as the song begins to morph, the fun begins to dissipate, and then comes to that lull of a break which takes the momentum and just cuts it! Yes it does get going again, but it sort of ruins it. When it does get going again you can sense that energy which makes the song a fun one, but that cut, just takes the wind out of it and creates an empty void which you’re still feeling even as the song continues!

This song’s fun is in the start all the way up to its first chorus, and if it was just that, it would be a great song, but hearing that cut for the first time, just removes the breath from the song and it feels so much more emptier for it. But even then it’s still more of a plus in this film’s favour than the actual film is!

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