The Big Show Theme

Hailed by WWE as the ‘World’s Largest Athlete’; Paul Wight is probably best know by his ring name, Big Show. Big Show is a professional wrestler who has had quite the career in World Wrestling Entertainment, originally making his debut in the company in 1999. Since debuting he has won a lot of titles in the company including 5 World Tag Team championships, 2 World Heavyweight championships, and 2 WWE Championships . I remember when I saw him for the first time in the ring, when he made a return to the ring at the tail end of 2004 and clearing an entire ring of wrestlers in the process. Just a few weeks later I even got a chance to see him live at the Manchester Evening News Arena, when Smackdown came to the UK.

Whilst he has been a dominant fixture on WWE TV, I do think that the entrance theme he has had for a while now is still not his best. Whilst I like many do get the point that he is a big guy, I think the theme he has had for over a decade now, is a bit plain.

It’s loud, heavy and still contains the signature lyrics including the patented “WWWEEEELLLLLL!” shout, but I think the tune is a bit slow as well as a little lazy. It sounds like an old piano riff that I used to hear my brother play, that easy set of notes you learn as you begin to get a little more advanced. It sounds like heavy footed plodding and doesn’t exactly carry much in the way of personality except to point out that he is a big guy!


His original theme, was a lot more charismatic. It began the same way as before with the “WWWEEEELLLLLL!” shout, but it comes with a much more light-hearted and fun energy. plus, instead of sounding like music for a big guy, it works more on the idea of what the phrase Big Show means. It’s the main event, the big moment we have all been waiting for. It presents the Big Show as the main event of the entire show, and it’s not just what we have been waiting for, but it’s entirely worth the wait. It presents us with a note of what the entire show is going to be about and remembered for. It’s presenting Big Show like a classic professional Wrestler, appearing in a classic show and main event. He is ‘The Big Show’; and he should have a theme to match that: not the theme of a big brute come to batter and bully, but a theme to make him stand out. He already does by his size, but it also suggests and promises that he is more than that.

He is not a basher come in to spoil the fun, he is a major ‘A’ class player come to entertain and will guarantee to perform!

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