Mini Film Review – Pixels

I have just watched Pixels, and overall my opinion is: What? Pixels is a movie where Adam Sandler and friends have to save the world when Video Game aliens invade. It’s quite an interesting idea and the visual effects are petty good; but what should have been quite a novel idea gets lost in another. This film could have been something really special as it ticks a lot of boxes, but then it gets swamped in areas which really don’t have a place here! The big battle at the end is really good, but in hindsight it should have happened one hour earlier! The comedy is rather dry and somewhat predictable with only Josh Gad and Brian Cox (and briefly Sean Bean) being able to actually pull it off well. There are large open spaces where nothing really happens and you wish they would cut them out just to get the movie moving. Then there are the areas which are just thrown in for novelty purposes; moments which are now just par for the course in all other movies of this kind, and the one thing where this film then begins to fail is not noticing what the real novelty of this film lies; it’s references to classic arcade games! That’s what this film should have really stuck to; like glue! It should have built a film around that, not made a film, then thrown that element into it where it might fit! It’s a cool idea which could also have been really funny too……Peter Dinklage was alright though.

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