Mini TV Review – Runaways (Season 2)

I have just watched the final episode of season 2 of Marvel’s Runaways, and it was pretty Awesome! Kicking off from the end of Season 1; Season 2 picked up the story of the Runaways as they continue to discover the corrupt lives of their parents, forge new relationships plus tackle new and improved foes. This season was just as gripping as the Runaways are finally living up to their names, but now, new threats await, plus have to deal with not just being independent of their former lives but also now have to live with each other! The parents were pretty cruel with some changes to the previous season, but the Runaways on-screen presence has gone from strength to strength! Molly (Allegra Acosta) continues to grow but is still being as awesome as ever, but also in the foreground is a breakout role from Nico (Lyrica Okana), and Karolina (Virginia Gardner) has also started making waves. While the content of each episode was different and the show’s action and drama would seamlessly switch, you find yourself unable to tear away no matter what the format as almost each and every scene was pulling you and your attention into this world. The one thing that I would say that the show is missing, is some X-Men. It’s so similar in character to the classic X-Men cartoons such as X-Men: Evolution; the kids growing up with powers and not gaining them in maturity like the current MCU movies. Its like I am now shouting for Apocalypse to turn up in the here and now; maybe having a story arc involving Evan Sabahnur. While that could be a possibility in the future, it doesn’t detract from how enjoyable and gripping this show continues to be. Quite possibly my favourite tv show of the moment!

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