My Favourite Scene/Moment In Return Of The Jedi

Return of the Jedi is my favourite Star Wars movie; but I bet you can’t guess what my favourite moment/scene in the film is?There are quite a few good ones to choose from; such as when the Emperor arrives on the Death Star, the final battle, final duel, Admiral Ackbar‘s famous line, all and more possible contenders. Well, this may come as a surprise; but my favourite scene/moment from Return of the Jedi; is at the very beginning of the film when Darth Vader arrives on the second Death Star.


I like the scenes, such as this one and later with the Emperor where the soldiers are on parade to Darth’s arrival. It’s more than that too. I like how Darth’s voice sounds; I have always thought it sounded like a Heavyweight Boxer; don’t know why, it just feels right. Plus the way he waves his hand at the Commander (Michael Pennington), his proud stance and stride; it all feels just right together.


The voice and tone in his attitude, it’s all spine chilling and deep. Plus the well accented lines. And of course that final, powerful line:

“The Emperor is not as forgiving as I am!”

It just sets up this incoming arrival of the Emperor, and you sort of know from this point he is a very powerful character and one to fear, given Vader’s ideology of forgiveness usually involves choking the sorry soul.

Then to cap it all off, a treat in the form of Vader’s theme music. It’s a small but very weird scene; but I have always just loved it. It’s Darth Vader at his best.

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