Mini Film Review – X-Men: Dark Phoenix

I have just been out to see X-Men: Dark Phoenix; and I liked it, I really enjoyed it. Continuing the story of the Uncanny super hero team; Dark Phoenix retells a prominent story feature from the comics, and one previously told in the film series itself; the story of Jean Grey‘s (Sophie Turner) gain and interaction with the Phoenix Force. The story at the start is slow and a little dry in places; plus Jessica Chastain throughout is rather dull and pretty easy to ignore; but as the film reaches it’s mid way point; it turns that all around to create a more positive experience which makes the film all the more enriching. The main stars struggle to at the start, but much like the story they turn this around in their favour; but special mention should go to Alexandra Shipp, whose turn in the spotlight is more brief to her main co-stars, but when she is on screen, she deservedly grabs the audiences attention. Overall, it is a very enjoyable film; I don’t see it as anti-climactic in the least, as it’s ending is pretty sweet and simple and altogether it creates fun references to the nostalgia of the old X-Men cartoons; plus pays tribute to the series spanning behind it; and leaves me with the desirable taste, to want to go back and watch them all over again.

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