Top 5 Mortal Kombat Characters

Mortal Kombat is my favourite Fighting video game series. I got my first taste of the series when I played Mortal Kombat II on my brother’s Sega Mega Drive; over the years since then I have played many different versions of the series. At the Megazone in Morecambe (a laser quest venue), there was an arcade edition of Mortal Kombat 3, which I always played a game of when I was there. About a decade or so ago, I played Deadly Alliance on my GameCube, staying up late the first night I got it. In 2007, I received Armageddon for my birthday on the Wii; and then in 2011 for another birthday present, I received Mortal Kombat 9 for my PS3 which I played for many hours. Mortal Kombat is a fighting game series I love to revisit whenever I can; and always find a new level of enjoyment when I do.

But who is my favourite Mortal Kombat character? I have had a glaze over the entire roster to pick out my Top 5 favourites from the entire series. Some though weren’t so lucky; so here are the honorable mentions: Shao KahnKung LaoNightwolfReikoMavadoMoloch, and Onaga. So without further ado, here are my Top 5 Favourite Mortal Kombat Characters.

Mortal Kombat Wiki

5. Reptile – I always had a soft spot for Reptile when I was young; mainly because he was Green; which was my favourite colour. His look back in MK2 was like that of Scorpion and Sub-Zero; but he was green; which nearly always made me pick him. Reptile was also the first time (that I can remember), when I was able to pull off a characters special move; this came in the form of him spitting green stuff. His appearance has changed more of the series of course to create a more humanoid reptile creature, rather than simply a green version of Scorpion; but it’s from my happy memories, that I still think highly of him to this day.


4. Noob Saibot – When I played Mortal Kombat Armageddon; I tried playing with many different characters; but the one I kept choosing more than most was Noob Saibot. I don’t know exactly why, but I think it was down to just how he looked. It was like either a fighter drenched in oil, or if he was like some kind of shadow; either way it was a very imposing but also cool look; and since then he has remained a favourite of mine. I may not know much about who/what he actually is; but he is pretty cool.

Mortal Kombat Wiki

3. Baraka – When I used to play Mortal Kombat on my brothers Mega Drive; whilst I always had a soft spot for Reptile; I always seemed to choose Baraka more. Baraka as a character has a new level of cool about him, quite possibly due to him having spikes shooting out of his arms like Wolverine (or Deadpool in Origins, but lets not talk about that). In the games that followed, especially Deadly Alliance; Baraka wasn’t there; and at the time I was scratching my head to figure out what his name was as I couldn’t remember it; although the game’s in-game Krypt did have a picture of him to unlock. Then when MK9 came along, I was able to play as Baraka once more; which I did; and it was great to see him back.

Mortal Kombat Wiki

2. Kenshi – In Deadly Alliance; there was a limited but still a good number of classic Mortal Kombat characters such as Kung Lao, Johnny Cage and Sub-Zero. There were also some new characters to play too including Mavado, Bo’ Rai Cho, and Kenshi. Kenshi is a bit of an odd one from looks alone, as he is a blind fighter always wearing a mask over his eyes. He also looks like he is wearing a big black jump-suit, plus has a very large sword. Despite his weird looks though; in turn it makes him rather cool. His blind look is eye catching and grabs your interest; at which point you discover that he is an incredible fighter. His blind look also brings out a new level of combat within, in the form of telekinetic powers. His look is pretty weird; but in that he gains your interest, and almost instantaneously you absolutely fall in love with the character.


1. Scorpion – This could be considered a bit of an obvious choice; but there is reason in the madness. Whilst the series has changed style and flavour from one game to the next, the one constant (other than the series logo) appears to be Scorpion, whose design and style has remained relatively unchanged. Apart from new details in his look due to the upgrade and advancement of technology and graphics; he still looks pretty much the same; in comparison to say Sub-Zero who at points has lost his mask, then replaced it at times with a new design. For someone like me whose playing of the series has been on and off, which is in part due to choice of platform and releases, it’s just nice in that respect to have a character like Scorpion staying pretty much the same, as it’s a character which creates fun memories of nostalgia, plus a great character to choose when being introduced to a new entry in the series. Plus: his legendary catchphrase “GET OVER HERE!” never gets old.

Whose your favourite?

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