Movie Trailers – La Vida Nuestra

I have no idea what Estrella Damm is from these adverts. I cannot tell whether it is a brand of alcohol or some travel company; I am completely lost. It’s only from doing some research online that I discover that it’s a brand of alcohol. Anyway, despite that confusion, this trailer starring Peter Dinklage is pretty cool. The purpose of this short film is one that I am completely lost with too; but nonetheless the Trailer is alright. It sets up some kind of strange journey where a character from the world of fantasy guides the film’s hero through the world with the promise to deliver on the secrets of how to enjoy life; or at least that’s what we are led to believe. Although if it simply comes down to buying and drinking Estrela Damm, then surely there would be a quicker way of promoting that than making a short film. Anyway; the trailer is short and sweet with some punchy lines from Dinklage with particular mention for his Chad Johnson introduction, and especially his last line: “Arrivederci Boys!”. It’s not really a film that would grab me personally; but the trailer on the whole is pretty cool and memorable.

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