Recent Bakes 2

I have done some more baking recently, tried some new recipes too. Just thought I would share some more recent creations with you.

Swirl Cake

I enjoy making Betty Crocker cake mixes every now and then. This one was inspired by one of those mixes, which I can’t find right now. It’s a Swirl Cake. Basically I mixed the ingredients to make a basic cake, then separated a few spoonful’s of the batter to one side, then mixed in cocoa to that batch. I then added that to the original mix and created the swirl pattern without mixing fully. I then added a blue icing on top and around just to hide the pattern and create a surprise when cut into.

Love heart cake

This is what I made recently for my Mam’s Birthday. It’s the same recipe as the Black Dragon cake I made a few months back; but this time I used red food colouring with a hint of Strawberry extract in the first cake, then cut out love heart shapes, which I placed inside the mix. I then finished the cake off with some Betty Crocker Cream Cheese frosting.

Neapolitan Cake

This was a recipe I found in a book called ‘Hidden Surprise Cakes‘.  Basically it’s like Neapolitan Ice Cream, but in cake form. The top part is chocolate, the middle is vanilla, and the bottom is strawberry. I used Vanilla extract and Strawberry essence to the bottom two cake layers so that they tasted like the flavours too, instead of just being a different colour.

Pink Cake

I then put Pink icing on top and around it just so that the inside was still a surprise when cut into it.

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