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First off I would just like to say that I am not a fan of Take That. What I am a fan of though (amongst a great many other things) is X-Men. The X-Men film series is one of my favourite film series; not just one of my favourite comic book/super hero series, but one of my absolute favourite movie series full stop. I have seen all the films in the series to date (The New Mutants is still due for release next year), and I have seen nearly all of them at the cinema, bar the first one as I was not old enough to go see it. It was back when a 12 rating meant you had to be 12 or over, there was no 12A certificate at the time. Anyway; basically, I love the X-Men film series. 


I had heard of Take That before, but none of their songs ever registered with me. I do sort of like the chorus from The Flood, but haven’t really heard anything else from it. To this day, I am still not much of a fan of theirs, but I really do like Love Love. So how is this connected with X-Men you may be wondering? 


Back in 2011 I went to the cinema with some friends to see X-Men: First Class. It wasn’t though until I re-watched the film on Sky Movies that I noticed this track. It’s hidden within the credits, playing after the main end credits. I listened to it and immediately believed that it was Muse not Take That, it was only after some research did I discover the truth. Did it put me off the song though? No; not really! 

At the time, when the film was on TV, and it was near the end; I would keep watching just to hear that song again, as I really enjoyed it. It’s not exactly a pop song as the tune and themes are very science fiction orientated. They lyrics talk about the end of life/the world, ideas of progression and possible mutation; plus believes in the future, and ideas of who you as a person really are. Line such as: 

  • “You bring me right back down to the Earth from the promised land
  • You’ll never be your mother or your father do you understand
  • “This is a first class journey to the gods to the son of man
  • You’re at the gates of human revolution

And many more besides. The lyrics are deep, powerful, and create a strong message.


The tune too is very electronic in sound, and the vocals can sound alien and cyber like, as well as deep too. Whilst the chorus does mellow out in style and turn into more of a pop song in style, it does keep it’s tune and theme going as not to deter the audiences attention, but as a way of providing an essence of relief to it’s strong message.


The song altogether is very infectious and one that just grabs your attention. It’s a great song for the credit roll of this film, as it touches upon the film’s subject matter, whilst also enhancing the end credits too by providing a track that is similar in themes and style, while also creating something as ear catching as the film is eye catching.

Even if you’re not a fan of either Take That, or X-Men, give the song a go; it’s definitely worth at least one listen too.

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  1. When was this recorded, because they look a bit older here, right? Nice song. And I also like the X-Men series. Sadly I was away for a mission trip and didn’t see Dark Phoenix in the cinema, so I should catch up on that one when it’s available for downloads too.

    I’ve always been fascinated with super powers. I think that’s why I like super hero stuff. Cheers!


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