Accept One Punch Man

Over the last 24 hours I have got a huge amount of joy listening to the intro for One Punch Man over and over again. I recently started watching it after a friend showed me the first episode, since then I have watched more and more of this pretty cool Anime series. It’s not the first Anime series I have watched (Attack on Titan), nor is it the one I intend to watch in the not too distant future (Tokyo Ghoul and Neon Genesis Evangelion), but right now it is the one I am currently watching.

The opening theme to One Punch Man is pretty cool, and it too, like that of Attack on Titan‘s is very rock/metal focussed in it’s musical style. One Punch Man’s opening is a bit disjointed in sections but always find’s a way of returning to it’s main riff, culminating in this incredible powered up build towards the end. And while it’s lyrics are in Japanese, the ones you can pick up are still pretty catchy. One thing I have though discovered with this piece, is how whenever I play it in my own head, how easy it is to immediately remember a classic Accept song.


Accept are a Heavy metal band from Germany. I have known about them for quite a few years now all thanks to the soundtrack from the video game Brütal Legend, which for a soundtrack features a lot of classic pieces of heavy metal. Accept have a couple of song’s featured, and one of them is Fast As A Shark (that’s the title of the song, not a critique on how fast the song is). Fast As A Shark is a very fast piece with an incredibly catchy solo and chorus:

“Fast as a shark, he’ll cut out of the dark
He’s a killer, he’ll rip out your heart
On a one way track and you’re not coming back
‘Cause the killer’s on the attack”

When it’s all brought together, it creates a really stand out piece, and a song you are unlikely to ever forget!


Anyway, I think due to the composure of the One Punch Man theme; it creates some startling links to the song by Accept. Fast As A Shark has some breaks from the main riff which cause it’s own riff to be a bit disjointed, like the tune to One Punch Man. Plus the lyrics are pretty catchy and shouty much like that of One Punch Man.

It may sound a little weird and possibly (a bit) crazy, but just give the two songs a little listen, and see what you think?

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