Mini Video Game Review – Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

I have just finished playing Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus; and it was pretty good! Developed by Machine Games, Wolfenstein II takes place directly after the events of Wolfenstein: The New Order, and features the return of several major characters as they head to America in hope of starting a revolution. The story is pretty good but does take time to get going, whilst the backstory just seems to be slotted in suddenly; as if it was forgotten to be featured in New Order. In the first few levels you do find yourself getting rather irritated by Blazkowicz as his narrative infects the levels with this low demeanour and you just wish there was either a way to turn that off, or maybe even a Heavy Rain style of choice system which allows you to direct his voice and feelings. The setting of the Southern States of America is pretty cool and whilst the story depicts an alternate history, it still carries that charm of design in the same period of American history. The first few levels are pretty good and their design just improves further as the game goes on, but at the same time; much like New Order, you can sometimes find yourself lost without much in the way of hints as to where you need to be going. The variety in the allowance of choosing an order in which you do things is a nice feature too, but takes almost half the game to let you do this before you can go on assassination missions. Altogether; Wolfenstein II is a pretty decent and very enjoyable FPS game, with a few issues, but still carrying a large enough bucket of fun; to get a real kick out of the whole experience.

The level designs do make you wonder, if whether or not the developer is hoping to make a successor to Goldeneye? They do seem like well designed multiplayer levels.

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