Mini Book Review – The Kingdom

Recently I have been reading The Kingdom by Jess Rothenberg; and I have now stopped! Published by Pan Macmillan: The Kingdom is a teen fiction story set in a world that looks like a cross between Disneyland and Westworld. The story is told in two time periods: one which is in the present where an Android named Ana is on trial for murder; whilst in the other timeline, the story follows Ana in the lead up to the trial. The world is a cool creation and the writing is very descriptive and explanatory of what the location provides and features. The setting and idea is pretty cool too and one that initially grabs and draws you in. Each chapter is pretty long however and can feel like a real commitment to read, and for the most part each chapter tells less of a story, and spouts theory more than anything else! It’s a real shame as the original idea is a pretty engrossing one, but the blurb on the back reads more like a spoiler as the major event of the book has yet to happen; and I am nearly 200 pages in! It’s pretty disappointing as I really do like the idea. I don’t know, maybe I need to read more, but at this point; I am barely enjoying it enough to continue. Maybe give it a read and let me know in the comments if it picks up?

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