Mini Video Game Review – Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

Recently, I have been re-playing Kingdom Rush: Frontiers; and it’s been alright. Developed by Ironhide Game Studio; Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is the sequel to Kingdom Rush and follows the same style of gameplay in the form of a Tower Defense game with options for further use of strategy as the player defends the kingdom once more against a new group of enemies. The game features the same towers but with new and different options for upgrades, but sadly does not feature previous options either meaning you need to learn about the new buildings skills and options. Frontiers does though come with new heroes to command plus the ability to customise and upgrade them how you see fit. In the early areas of the game, the maps also feature premade buildings providing an extra level of help, which you will need as there is little to no easy options. There seems to be no difficulty curve at all as the game launches expecting you to have played the first game and are playing this simply as a follow-up, less a sequel and more like DLC. This difficulty level can make it very hard from the get go even on easy mode, which does really lower your enjoyment of the whole experience. Whilst it still provides the same basic building blocks from the previous game plus some helpful new options, it’s difficulty can really sour your enjoyment if unprepared for it.

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