Mini TV Review – The Great Model Railway Challenge (Season 2)

I have just watched the final of The Great Model Railway Challenge season 2; and it was pretty good. Airing on Channel 5; The Great Model Railway Challenge is a game show featuring teams of modellers all competing to build the best model train set. Each week, the teams would have a mini challenge to complete, and a theme to build their model railways to. The series altogether was as enjoyable as the first, and was a great show of the diversity of talent. The series improved each week, especially as the second episode was a bit dull in comparison to the first and subsequent episodes. The host’s (James Richardson and Tim Shaw) jokes were a bit annoying though, and while I get they were supposed to be bad, they’re just annoying to hear. The final was pretty good, but I think the ending was a bit rushed to fit everything in, which resulted in not any real time to properly enjoy the finished models, in comparison to the ending of all previous episodes. Altogether; a pretty fun and relaxing show.

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