TV Trailers – Blade: The Series

When the first trailers debuted in the UK; I took a keen interest in Blade: The Series. Upon the end of it’s run in 2007 (UK screens), the show became not just my favourite show of the year, but also one of my favourite shows of all time. Even to this day I have very fond memories of watching it.¬†One of the things that I have especially fond memories of is this trailer which was shown on the now defunct channel Bravo. It’s a very simple trailer, and in that lies it’s beauty. It features Sticky Fingaz, the actor playing Blade; and all he’s doing is scoring the ground with his sword. Whilst he’s doing this he is talking about his life and work as a Vampire Slayer:

“I was born to wage a war, that has raged for thousands of year. A war that starts at sunset, and ends at sunrise. A battle for the survival of the human race. Man and Monster, Hero and Villain, Vampire, and Vampire Slayer! My name is Blade!”

The way he speaks these words are like cold whispers; but he speaks them with so much truth, that you know that they are real (fictionally). Meanwhile, his sword ground skills finally come into fruition as when the camera pulls out, the flames on the ground reveal the logo of the Bravo channel. These words and images create a lasting impression, and grab your attention in the quietest way possible, creating just enough interest to make you want to learn more.

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