Mini Video Game Review – Far Cry 4

Recently I have been playing Far Cry 4 on the PC; and it was very enjoyable! Set in the fictitious Himalayan state of Kyrat, Far Cry 4 is an Open World First Person Shooter where the player is tasked with helping a rebel force free the state from the eccentric ruler Pagan Min (Troy Baker). The core gameplay mechanics of Far Cry are all on show once more, as the player will need to liberate outposts, climb bell towers and skin poor animals to progress through the game. These core mechanics are still very enjoyable and make up quite a bit of the games run time; the fortresses are pretty good fun to liberate too, but are pretty small for what’s being dubbed as a ‘Fortress’. Kyrat itself is very beautiful, but sadly it felt like a real shame that I couldn’t go on a mountainous expedition, only being allowed to climb pretty easy mountains. The ability to choose what kind of mission you go on, and the choices it creates is a cool mechanic, but it is pretty limited along the way. There is also a great deal of improvement on Far Cry 3 in how to get money too, as it felt like I was able to make money doing almost anything. There are some major irritations though. I found it very irritating when an outpost suddenly comes under attack just as I left it, and would need to turn around and help; also the wingsuit ability likes to turn itself on when you’re running, and this causes hours of constant dying, I wish there was a way to turn that off! Also, the City of Pain mission is a real pain to get through, even on easy mode! Despite these niggles however, Far Cry 4 is a very enjoyable and superb First Person Shooter experience!

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