Mini Film Review – A Clockwork Orange

Yesterday I watched A Clockwork Orange; and it was very interesting! Based on the book of the same name by Anthony Burgess, Directed by Stanley Kubrick, and starring Malcolm McDowell; A Clockwork Orange is a dystopian crime film about a new technique used on criminals in the hope that it will turn their life around. The film was a weird one in it’s presentation as it felt like it was more a combination of short films telling a story that blended together over time. The way the story is told is pretty good, as it shows how Alex DeLarge is a terrible person in quite a deep form, and is almost the worst kind of criminal possible. Gears then shift as his life is changed in a horrific new way, but then struggles to come to terms with a life where the shoe is now on the other foot! I found it hard to understand if I was supposed to feel sorry for reformed Alex or not: Some of the time he is picked on by those taking the law into their own hands, meanwhile Alex begins to act like he is the victim of his actions; so it’s like a story with two possible sides of the coin, where both are being shown. The soundtrack is terrific, it’s main theme carries a deep sorrow and remorse; meanwhile the imagery can be both perplexing, and at one point feel stomach churning. It’s a film with great imagery, powerful music, and interesting acting; I felt engrossed and engaged from start to finish, and could even pick-up on pieces I had seen from other sources of pop-culture, now finally discovering where it had come from! I had not considered before of ever watching this film, but now I am glad I have; but I feel rather scared to watch it again!

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