Top 5 Films I Am Looking Forward To In 2020

2020 has officially begun, and whilst now is the time for writing lists of things that have passed, it’s also a time to write lists for things yet to come. So, as another year of movies has officially closed, now is the time to look forward to what the film calendar of 2020 might/will/could bring. Now as this is a Top 5 list, there are movies which sadly don’t get a top mention, but that doesn’t mean I am not necessarily looking forward to them. So here are the list of films due for release this year which I am also sort of looking forward to:

Sonic The Hedgehog, Morbius, Venom 2, The Eternals, Bob’s Burgers: The Movie, The Purge 5

(Just one quick footnote readers; whilst planning this post I completely forgot that the upcoming releases for this year look pretty miserable. This could be down to several things, the main one probably being Disney buying out the Competition, and so as foretold there are less films being released. There could be other reasons why of course, but looking at the release schedule again has reminded me that there aren’t that many standouts for release this year. As such I have added an additional 4 movies to the list, just because they jump out a little more, than they would have done in a previous year.)

Anyway, with the footnotes all out of the way; here are the main films that I am looking forward to in the year that is now 2020:


5. Candyman – Candyman is still quite the terrifying experience, starring a character that is both scary and very inspiring. So it’s quite exciting news to know that not only is there a new Candyman movie due for release this coming year, but it’s also exciting to know that Tony Todd will also be returning to the same role. Marketed as a direct sequel to the original, it will be interesting to see where this one goes; now I am just going to go hide all the mirrors.


4. No Time To Die – The last couple of James Bond movies were top notch titles; so it makes the next movie well worth the wait for. It looks kind of promising with the return of both Jeffrey Wright and Lea Seydoux, but given that the film has gone through a tumultuous production cycle, there is cause for worry! The trailer doesn’t look too bad though.


3. The New Mutants – After several setbacks, “MAYBE!” this will be the year that we “FINALLY!” get to see The New Mutants; after all, we were supposed to have seen it “TWO YEARS AGO!”. Hopefully, the time it has been held back won’t sour it, and who knows; it may even be the proper send off the X-Men film series deserves!


2. Tenet – It’s really exciting to discover that Christopher Nolan has got a new film coming out. Christopher Nolan is one of my favourite directors, and every time (since after the release of The Dark Knight) he has a new film on the way, it’s worth getting excited about. Once again he steps into the weird world of weird fiction, with a movie that grabs your attention once again, this time; through Time Travel!


1. Godzilla vs. Kong – Well, you could probably guess what my Number 1 film was likely to be, even if you didn’t know a Godzilla film was due for release. Pushed to the end of the year to allow some top notch editing, several rumours and exclusive shots have been passed round the web to date about what this film will feature, but the main event is of course the Clash of the Titans; for the first time (since 1962).

Anyway, that’s my list for the upcoming movie year; what/which films are you looking forward to?

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  1. I’m looking forward to all of these movies as well. I’m happy that New Mutants might work out after all the delays and reshoots.


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