Fossil Fuel

There is a really interesting feature on the Ben & Jerry’s official website: It’s a virtual graveyard! It’s a sort of hall of fame feature for notable ex-flavours of ice cream from Ben and Jerry. Originally I thought I could do a list post of ex-flavours that I used to enjoy, but after having a look through them, there is only one flavour on there that really stood out to me on a personal level; and that is Fossil Fuel.


It’s hard to look back on former flavours of Ben & Jerry’s, as in this instance it was a long time ago that I last tasted this flavour. I do though remember liking it. According to the website the flavour featured “sweet cream ice cream with chocolate cookie pieces, fudge Dinosaurs and a fudge swirl.” Whilst for me the dinosaur variant remains the best, I do though remember them re-releasing it briefly with a new hippie style theme, replacing the dinosaurs with chocolate Peace symbols. Now, while that does still feature a theme on Fossil Fuel in it, it still wasn’t as fun as having dinosaur shaped pieces in it; like Phish Food featuring chocolate Fishes, or Baked Alaska featuring Polar Bear pieces.



So yeah, it’s a flavour which is sadly not around anymore, but it could still be cool to bring back around sometime, but with chocolate Dinosaurs please?

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