Mini Film Review – The Warriors

I have finally managed to see all the way through The Warriors; and it was pretty good! Based on the book of the same name by Sol Yurick, Directed by Walter Hill and starring Michael Beck, James Remar, and Deborah Van Valkenburgh, The Warriors is an action film about a gang from Coney Island; who are being hunted by every other gang in New York City. It’s a very interesting take on the whodunnit genre, as instead of the story being told from the detectives side, it’s rather on the unlucky people who have been handed the blame. The film features some interesting character development, whilst also exploring a diverse range of gang cultures. The gangs are both interesting and all frightening in their own ways, creating a continuous stream of perils, but all in an interesting way. The fight scenes are terrific, and the music is outstanding, making The Warriors a short, but real gem of a film.

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