Mini Film Review – Instant Family

This weekend I finally watched all of Instant Family; and it was really enjoyable! Directed by Sean Anders, and starring Mark Wahlberg, Rose Byrne, and Octavia Spencer; Instant Family is a film about a couple who decide to foster a teenager, and discover that she comes with two extra siblings. I had seen plenty of clips before, and it grabbed me at how powerful this film was. Yes, it’s a family comedy, which throws in jokes as fast as a machine gun, but all the time that’s going on, you have a family drama which both grows on you, and captivates you, second by second. All the characters are brilliant, and their development is so enjoyable to observe, with special mention for Lizzy (Isabela Merced), who is just a great character. Altogether it’s a light comedy, but also quite possibly one of most powerful pieces of real life drama you could ever see. Surprisingly enjoyable, and all brought home to a wonderful ending, which can bring a tear to anyone’s eye!

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