Top 5 PC Games I Played In 2019

Another year has, well lets be fair; it has been quite a few weeks now since 2019 ended and 2020 began; it is March after all. Anyway, much like the several previous years, I have enjoyed a large number of Video Games over the 12 months stretching from January to December 2019, and I thought I would share with you just what I have been playing on my PC, and what games were particular standouts of my year.

Steam Screenshot

Now there were of course some games that sadly didn’t make the Top 5, but I still enjoyed to a great degree anyway, and so for the sake of a minor mention, here are the games that would have made it if I had done a list with a larger number than five:

And so with the minor mentions out of the way, here are the Top 5 PC Games I played in the previous year, also known as 2019; Enjoy!


5. Far Cry 4 – This one could be considered cheating a little. You see I had previously played this game many years ago on the PlayStation 3, but didn’t complete it due to the complexity of the City of Pain level, even on easy mode. This time though I played it on the PC, and did complete it. The main antagonist’s story can get lost a little in the game, so the finale can feel a little lost in the wilderness, but the rest of the game was pretty good. The landscape was fun to explore, the mission levels and the allowance of choice as to what you want/wish to do were pretty good, and it felt like the first time playing a Far Cry game where I got a genuine buzz out of wanting to complete side quests and gather as much bonus stuff as possible, although mainly to get the rewards.

Steam Screenshot

4. Rise Of Industry – I originally played this as a demo, and enjoyed it so much that I had to get the full game. It can be hard to get going at first, but give it time and the money just starts to pour in, giving you ample room to build and experiment. It was fun to unlock one way roads as then you can actually build proper production lines as vehicles go from one factory to the other. The addition of Zeppelins and Trains makes it as equally fun as you see them zoom from one side of the map to the other.


3. Tomb Raider – Up to this point I had never really played a Tomb Raider game except for maybe a demo of the original game. When I started playing this one, I did so to get over an injury I was experiencing that week; and it really did help. I absolutely adored this game when I finished it, I couldn’t get enough of it. The story was epic, the voice cast were terrific, and the levels were a great blend of different styles, creating an experience that was fun, and created a craving within wanting more, more, more! So yeah it was pretty good!


2. Saints Row The Third – I have played Saints Row games before, but I had always struggled with the controls and third person viewing. But I gave this one a go, and was captivated by the game for the next month or so. It was so much fun to play. I liked to concentrate my early activities on buying property and making money, then moved on to the main parts of the game. It’s like a toy box full of goodies, where you want to try and play with everything for as long as possible, from Assassination missions, to driving with a Tiger in the car, to simply going for a drive listening to top notch music. I had so much fun, so much so that recently; I played it all over again!


1. Borderlands Enhanced – Again this one could be considered cheating a little, as I had previously played Borderlands several years ago; but here’s the thing: For some reason in the past when I tried re-installing Borderlands, it wouldn’t work at all. So I was unable to play this game again, but the re-released Enhanced version gave me that opportunity. It was so much fun to play Borderlands all over again; from exploring the landscape, to hunting the local wildlife, to completing simple missions, and experiencing the experience one more time. It did not disappoint, it just rewarded me many more hours of enjoyment, and for which I hope this time around, I will be able to do again and again – and actually work once installed!

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