Top 5 Metallica Songs

I used to love Metallica; from discovering their music, I was charging fully head on into their amazing and somewhat ear lethal repertoire. Over time though, their music has taken a back seat in my listening life. That though doesn’t mean I no longer like them, far from that I still really do like their music. It’s perhaps not the first thing I would choose when picking a song to listen to, but their music still serves a purpose. If I am angry and need to listen to something that will tear out my heart and find use for a lot of pent up energy, then listening to Metallica is a ‘safe’ thing to do.


It’s loud, fast, aggressive; and for those of us who need some heavy metal in our lives, then Metallica is a safe bet to jump into. So, as a way to say thank you to this incredible band and celebrate their music; I have selected my Top 5 favourite songs to share with you. Some songs though have sadly fallen at the way side, but so that its not too sad for all of them; here are a collection of other Metallica Songs that are still well worth a listen to:

So with all that out of the way; here are my Top 5 Favourite Metallica Songs! Enjoy!


5. The Four Horsemen – Who better than to write a song about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse than Metallica? From their very first album Kill ‘Em All comes this classic track. Like many other long pieces by Metallica, the song features two parts to it; both of which are pretty fast. The first is that incredible sound of something coming, like hooves galloping faster than the fastest car. And then at about midway we get a different sound like the piece has reached terminal velocity. It keeps this part on track followed by a slow piece to suggest realisation and consider where you are followed finally by the thought that the Four Horsemen are still on their way, just in case you forgot! It’s a very effective track; simple perhaps in comparison to some of their much larger work; but still creates visions and ideas to bang your head to, no matter what time of day!

4. For Whom The Bell Tolls – I first heard this one at an XWA wrestling show in Morecambe. It was used as the entrance music for Johnny Phere, and it really worked! But at the time I had no idea it was a Metallica Song. It’s a song with great use as a soundtrack as it can correctly portray a dark and scary scene, whilst creating the idea of an oncoming terror! It’s heavy and loud, but not necessarily fast. It’s a song which can really highlight the importance of the bass player in a band as they take up an important part in the song’s composure. It’s terrifying, dark and slow, but still packs a punch! What more do you want?

3. Master of Puppets – I don’t know if you can call this their most iconic song, as their are probably other songs in their history that are just as iconic if not more as Master of Puppets! The song in a nutshell is all about drug taking. The song deals with the idea that drugs are controlling the drug taker and not the other way around. The song makes use of this idea using powerful lyrics to create incredible imagery to create visions of what this control looks like and how easy it is to succumb to that power. The piece is an epic unto itself. It features some of the hardest and fastest moments in the bands repertoire, along with a sudden slow dance. I was shocked originally when I heard this part for the first time, and thought it was the start of another song; it’s not! Its the slow dance through addiction, a mesmerizing experience and the sour note of what it all entails. This of course then returns to a crescendo as the speed picks up once more and portrays how sad and angry the situation can be!

2. Fade To Black – Fade to Black starts off on a very sombre note; this may be due to James Hetfield being apparently obsessed with death at the time of the song’s recording. The lyrics talk about suicide and wanting and end to life. It’s regarded as the first Power Ballad for the group. This low vibe to it’s sound though doesn’t last. It has a couple of verses followed by a heavier sounding chorus. This then breaks from convention as the second half of the song just builds in speed and gets heavier as time progresses. This becomes the final and heaviest note of all though as its the singer not necessarily saying goodbye, as shouting it! It’s a real heavy song both musically and lyrically. It features some really tough words, but also creates a sound which makes it really apparent to the listener; and as a result is something that they will not forget!

1. Creeping Death – This is actually a pretty recent discovery for me, but the more I have listened to it; the more I have come to love it. The lyrics are inspired by the second half of the film The Ten Commandments, particularly the part of the Plagues that were bestowed upon the Egyptians. These lyrics tell the tale and make mention of these incidents; with the Creeping Death of the song’s title being the Angel of Death. As for the song on the whole, it’s used to great effect as the opening piece for the band performances. The sound; lyrics and music are used as a good introduction to the performance as it contains a little of everything for the band. It’s not slow, it doesn’t plod on ponder along; it’s used to say to the audience ‘we’re here’, and this is what can be expected over the next couple of hours. It contains just the right amount of energy to get people excited, but not too much so that they don’t lose it all for the heavier things later on!

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