Mini TV Review – The Good Place (Season 1)

Recently I have been watching The Good Place; and it was interesting! Created by Michael Schur, and starring Kristen Bell, William Jackson Harper, Jameela Jamil, and Ted Danson; The Good Place is about a fictitious version of the afterlife where Good people go to when they die; however there is a problem; new arrival Eleanor (Kristen Bell) doesn’t belong there! The series sets itself up nicely and creates quirky moments of comedy out of the littlest of things including language. What the series did well above all things though was how it set itself up to gain your interest and keep hold of it. It does this by creating a question, or setting up a moment which grabs your attention just long enough for you to want to watch the next episode to see how the situation is resolved. While maybe not the funniest sitcom out there, it still has it’s moments and it’s clever way of grabbing you interest for simply a moment makes you want to watch episode after episode until it’s all finally resolved; which culminates in a shocking finale reminiscent of The Truman Show!

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