Top 5 Bee Gees Songs

I have always though that people would be surprised to know that I love the Bee Gees! If I was to list my favourite bands, you would hear names like Thin Lizzy, Pendulum, Scorpions, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Saxon and others; all of which you may or may not know are either very heavy rock/metal bands. It’s because of this that I have always thought that people may be surprised to note that one of my favourite bands happens to be neither of those things! It sort of happened by accident really. One day I was watching Dave; and there was an old Top of the Pops 2 special on which was all Bee Gees, songs, and there and then it just sort of clicked for me that I liked their music. When subsequent showings of the episode were on TV again, I just left it on so I could listen to their music one more time.

So, in need of a long time brewing celebration of their music; I have chosen my Top 5 songs from their repertoire to share with you. Many of the songs I like from the band are not necessarily their more classic pieces they are best known for. Many of the things I have heard and love from the group are some of their later stuff. Pieces which whilst on occasion they all perform together, are more songs where only one of them would be singing, or performing something more of a self expression. So don’t be too surprised if your personal and classical favourite isn’t on here. Some major songs though aren’t in the Top 5, so to give them a moment in the spotlight, here are the unlucky ones:

You Should be Dancing, Staying Alive, To Love Somebody, Jive Talkin

So with all the red tape out of the way, here are my Top 5 Favourite Bee Gees Songs. Enjoy!


5. New York Mining Disaster 1941 – You could almost imagine reading a telegram, or hearing someone saying these words down a phone line, like an answering machine. It’s a very dark story about someone looking for their other half in a horrendous disaster, wondering if they would ever be reunited. Performed together, the trio create an amazing echo like sound as they make every word accented to bring home the sad message of what is happening, with that underlying question mark hanging in the air, never to be answered!

4. I Started A Joke – This song looks and sounds very sad as it tells the poor story of someone who becomes a joke rather than being able to tell one. The song is performed by all three members of the group, but with one exception, it only features one singer, that being the amazing voice of Robin Gibb. The other two turn away and let Robin sing by himself. It’s a very personal sounding song and makes sense that it only has one singer, to which end creates one of the rare incidents where a solo artist in the group gets their time to shine, to which he does so beautifully!

3. Wedding Day – Much like the above piece, Wedding Day really expresses how great a singer Robin was. When the three are in harmony together it creates that trademark sound that made them so popular, but then you got more solo pieces that allow each member to show off their amazing talent. Whilst singing and performing together is really cool, it shows that each one was also very talented in their own respect. Wedding Day has a really relaxing sound, with lyrics that cover the hallmarks of their earlier and very successful tenure as purveyors of love songs. But then it goes into a rising sound as it builds a crescendo, covered by Robin who is creating this amazing sound backed up by the band, before delivering the songs title. He then brings the song home to a conclusion in the same manner; with the final note of that title being his incredible voice!

2. You Win Again – Nearly ten years ago I was in a local branch of HMV buying a box-set of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and for some reason You Win Again popped into my head. I didn’t know the words, but I wanted to mouth my lips to the song right there and then. I immediately went home and looked it up on my laptop. You Win Again is such a cool song! It has a very modern sounding tune and is very different in sound (at least to begin with) compared to their earlier classics. That steam drum sound just grabs your attention, and then your ready for the song. It features all three members performing, talking about love and relationships, and all the while you are just hooked and drawn in (if not singing with them). It’s just such an amazing, and somewhat addictive song!

1. Man In The Middle – Much like how I got into their music, my love for this song almost instantly clicked. It took me a while to find out what the song was called, but I just knew that it was my favourite from the Bee Gees. Written and mainly performed by Maurice Gibb; Man in the Middle is a very dark and brooding sounding song, but it carries a powerful note. It’s intersected with the words of someone carrying a deep level of regret as to things he has done and his attempts to get out of it, in that respects its a very sad song and the tune is well chosen to cover that. I think I like it most because it’s dark and its different. It really grabs your attention and you want to know and find out more. The lyrics are very catchy, and the tune is one you will not want to forget in a hurry!

Which is your favourite Bee Gees song?

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