Recent Bakes 3

It’s been a while since I last posted about some recent cake baking, so I thought I would do provide you all with an update.

Cake Balls

This one was a little weird in my mind as I was basing it on a video of how Gobstoppers are made. Basically there are two sets of cake pops minus the sticks, one chocolate the other vanilla. Then I put white chocolate on the chocolate ones and then dark chocolate on the vanilla ones, and then mixed them together.

Chocolate Roulade

This was a Chocolate Roulade I made just before Christmas. Had some issues when I made one in the past with it being very watery, so it put me off making it again. But I put that behind me and made this one, which worked out really well and was very rich in flavor.

Red Velvet Cake

This was my second attempt at making a home made Red Velvet Cake from scratch (no cake mix). It worked out really well, I did though use a Cream Cheese tub from Betty Crocker as I prefer that to home made cream cheese.

Chocolate Cake

I have made this kind of cake before; it’s a Dark Chocolate Cake with Mint Icing, but I decorated it with chocolate vermicelli and Maltesers.

Easter Egg Cakes

These are cakes I made specially for Easter. They are the same recipe as the chocolate cake above, but I decorated the cakes with a clutch of three Mini Eggs, with Flake sprinkled around them to make it look like a nest.

Squashie Cakes

These are my most recent pieces of baking. They are Squashie Cakes. It’s a cake mix from Swizzels who make Drumsticks and Squashies. Basically it’s a vanilla cake with vanilla and raspberry icing topped off with a squashie. It has a unique tang in the flavor which is very much like a drumstick.

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