Mini TV Review – Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Season 7)

Recently I have been watching the new season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine; and it was good…at best! Created by Dan Goor, and Michael Schur, and starring Andy Samberg, Stephanie Beatriz, Terry Crews, and Andre Braugher; Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns for a seventh season as the work life is just as chaotic, but new personal struggles for the crew start to take hold! I love Brooklyn Nine-Nine, it’s one of my favourite shows; but recently hasn’t been as good as its previous glory days! There were some terrific episodes at the start of the season, and more so towards the end; but between episodes 3 and 10 was this void of episodes that were ok, just not great! It’s like NBC were trying to make the show fit to their own format as to what sitcoms should be, like they are trying to mold this into a new Parks and Recreation; but while Parks and Rec is pretty good, this isn’t Parks and Rec! It’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, an amazing sitcom, but which now feels a little off! So while the series has improved as the episodes went on, it still had this set of very bland episodes which were very forgettable. It did do one thing right though, as we now have proof why Rosa is, and always has been: the best!

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