The World Is Too Big!

I wake up from my slumber,

I can’t tell how long I have slept for,

I open my eyes and see the cave I am in,

I put on my clothes and walk outside,

And see the vast world around me.


I get greeted by a young girl,

Who tells me of the quest before me,

Pointing at the castle in the distance,

And the great beast surrounding it,

And my destiny to destroy it.


I head for the castle,

It’s such a long walk away,

But eventually I arrive,

And enter the great hallway,

Where I am killed almost instantly.


I awake up from my slumber,

I can’t tell how long I have slept for,

I open my eyes and see,

That I am back in the cave once more,

Where I walk out and see the girl once more.


She tells me that I am too weak,

As the beast is super strong,

She points me in a direction,

Where I can train,

And hone my skills.


I get into a couple of fights,

The first one is easy,

The second a little more rough,

The third I die,

And I am back at the cave.


The girl is there again,

Arms crossed and tapping her feet,

She tells me that I need to save myself regularly,

She shows me how,

And sends me off once more.


I save myself regularly now,

And have been honing my skills,

And even won a few fights,

So I head back to the Beast,

Where it kills me once more.


The girl is getting frustrated,

Telling me how serious everything is,

Saying a few fights won’t do it,

I need to do more,

At least I am not back at the cave.


I roam the world some more,

Take on some quests,

Fight monsters,

Help the locals,

And even get some money.


Several days pass,

And I am getting pretty good,

So I go back to the castle,

And face the beast down,

Where I die once again.


The girl is getting more irritated,

Says I am not taking it seriously,

I say the world is too big,

That it will take forever to explore,

Which she says is sort of the point.


I ask if it can be done any quicker,

To which she says no,

I ask if I could cheat,

She says it’s 2018,

And cheats are now long gone.


I look at her,

Look at the castle,

And look at the cave,

I say this World is too big for me,

Wake me up when someone else does it!

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