Mini Video Game Review – BioShock 2

I have just finished playing Bioshock 2; and it was alright! Developed by 2K Marin, Bioshock 2 is a sequel to Bioshock, where players return to the city of Rapture, but this time get to control a Big Daddy. It was nice to return to the city of Rapture and explore a little more, but some of the exploration is lost as you are involved in a not too interesting story that doesn’t really go anywhere. It’s not like the first game where the things you do have a genuine part to play in the story, as they just float by and a level feels like a level, not an interactive story. The Big Sisters are a little off as encounters seem so random rather than for something you do, and the underwater sections are so dull; as all you do is walk around. It was fun to start with, but by the end I just wanted it over with! So altogether, it’s a bit Meh!

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