Teutonic Terror

Teutonic Terror is a song by German heavy metal band Accept and features as a track in their 2010 album; Blood of the Nations. The album is the first to feature guitarist Herman Frank since the release of Balls to the Wall, and is also the first album not to feature Udo Dirkschneider on lead vocals, with Mark Tonillo replacing him. I first came across the song a few months back whilst listening to Fast as a Shark; a classic heavy metal piece released by the band back in 1982.

Teutonic Terror is an interesting song and easy one to get into. The intro isn’t all that great; with the guitar strings sounding like they are being scratched rather than strung, and when I look at the current lead singer; it’s hard not to get confused thinking AC/DC‘s Brian Johnson is singing it instead! But you just need to wait until the first chorus comes along, and then you are hooked, with the hall of fame like chorus filling the air, before then reaching into the song’s title, with the impact of the words “we will, give em’ the axe”. The song then provides another chorus, a trademark guitar solo and then a big finale, which makes the whole piece not just worth sticking round for, but also incredibly enjoyable!

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