Mini Film Review – Animal Farm

I have just watched Animal Farm; and it was alright! Directed by Joy Batchelor, and John Halas, and starring Gordon Heath, and Maurice Denham; Animal Farm is an animated adaptation of George Orwell‘s story about a farm that rises above it’s cruel owners, only for a much darker tyranny to take over. The film was at times a bit dull; there are some nice moments of animation, but a lack of consistent storytelling means that the message doesn’t begin to make a mention until the final act. Many of these moments could have been cut down and then the whole thing wouldn’t have felt like a long winded tale. The message is a powerful one; and it really demonstrates how easy it is for a revolution to lose meaning, and purpose; when other’s rise to take over and manipulate, solely out of greed, rather than a genuine desire to lead! It was a fun-ish film, but there is a large amount of stuff in the middle which serves to slow down the entire experience; with the message at the end feeling only just worthwhile to stick around for!

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