Mini Video Game Review – Far Cry New Dawn

Recently I have been playing Far Cry New Dawn; and it was pretty fun! Developed by Ubisoft Montreal and starring Reina Hardesty, Cara Ricketts, and Leslie L. Miller; Far Cry New Dawn is a First Person Shooter game, set after the events of Far Cry 5; where a rogue group have taken over Hope County! The game is a fun one to play but a bit limited, it feels like a con that there is this small game, where as the main entries in the series are at least double in size. There is still plenty to do as outposts can be captured and then abandoned to increase their difficulty; plus the expeditions mode is fun too; but I wish there had been more of the treasure hunt levels! The main campaign is pretty brisk too, but ends in a very anti-climactic fashion! Altogether it was fun, but it feels like there could have been a whole lot more!

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