A Dream Of Leeds

Back in 2016, I was finishing an internship at UCLAN. The internship sort of came on all of a sudden. I had graduated from Uclan less than a year previously and was looking for work whilst receiving benefits from Universal Credit. I had done a couple of jobs which came to no avail, and I had filled in an application form for the internship with some choices on it but did not hear anything further from it. Then one day I was asked to come in for an interview, and then less than 24 hours afterwards was given a job offer for it.



The internship is probably still the best job I have had to date. It was a nice atmosphere, plus I was back at the University I loved and studied at for four years. It was like I was back at Uni once more; I could commute to and from it for two days a week and read a book on the train. The internship was managed by a wonderful lady called Liz, and for the most part I mainly did research for upcoming conferences. It was a nice break too from what I had gone through over the months before. Having a job with that many hours meant I did not have to get it in the neck from Universal Credit every two weeks. Universal Credit has improved in recent years, but back then it was near abusive, with the staff treating you worse than dirt. But having the internship made them shut up!


Come May, the internship was ending, and I did not want it to though, as it felt like peace. I wanted it to go on forever. But there was some help at hand as I spoke to the futures department at Uclan, who sent me some job ideas and resources. One of the things I applied for was a job at the University of Leeds, in the conference department. Knowing how good I was at applying for jobs both then and now; I knew it was a long shot off from actually hearing from them again; but as luck would have it, I did!


On the eve of the final week of my Internship, I was asked to go in for an interview for the post. I told Liz and she was happy for me. She helped me have a mock interview for the post at Futures, which went well. As the internship ended, there was sadness, but also excitement as to what might happen next.


Over the next week, I even began to fantasize about getting the job. It was exciting to think about, the idea that I could get my own flat, and have a fresh new start, and an exciting new future. So, I was pumped up and ready for the interview come the following Monday. It was the first time I had been to Leeds in nearly a decade, but it was fun to see what I saw, but my head was in the game for the interview. It went well, and I was told I would hear back by Wednesday. Wednesday came; and I did not get the job. I was told I did well, but there was someone else who was better suited for the position. It was a bit of a let down for me.


Since then, life has continued, but I have continued to think back on when I was excited, and the dreams I had; and how things could have been different. What with drifting from bad job to bad job, and the depression and constant mental health issues I have had. But a little bit of me hoped what if things had been different, or what if I could get a job there, and have a chance at a fresh start on my life; a reset button to my recent troubles, and a bright new future.


Well, I can at least still dream!

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