That’s Livin’ Alright

Recently, UKTV channel Yesterday aired repeats of the 1980’s comedy drama Auf Wiedersehn, Pet. I wasn’t really watching it, I was playing Board Games with Mam, whilst my Dad was watching it behind us. When I did watch some of it, I didn’t really get it; but there was one thing that was fun about it: the end credits song!

The show featured two pieces of music produced and sung by Joe Fagin. One was called Breakin’ Away for the opening credits, and then there was That’s Livin’ Alright which was for the end credits; and was also pretty catchy and fun! Yesterday would show two episodes back to back, and it was almost worthwhile sticking through the episode being shown just so I could hear ‘That’s Livin’ Alright’.


When you listen to the lyrics in isolation, it becomes a very classy song with some great lyrics to get into. It talks about an ordinary life, of working on a building site, earning money, sending back some cash for the wife (which was sort of what the show was about in the first place), whilst keeping some around so you could buy a round at the bar. It’s not just the lyrics though as the tune is nice and light and has a feel good essence about it.

It’s quirky and fun, and a real song to join in with, especially if you need a little pick-me-up!

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