Mini Video Game Review – Total War: Warhammer II

Recently, I have been playing Total War: Warhammer II; and it was pretty dull! Developed by Creative Assembly; Total War: Warhammer II, is a turn based strategy game set in the Warhammer Fantasy table-top game series; where players get the opportunity to lead their favourite armies into battle! It has been a very dull and sometimes boring experience! When you play the campaign side of the game, it can feel like it’s mostly a game of diplomacy, not a game of epic battles. At first I was having some fun and was able to expand my armies territory; but then it came to a halt as nearly all major neighboring armies developed peace treaties and non-aggression pacts with each other. It then became a game of just waiting around to see if anyone came, and repeatedly pressing the end turn button just to have something to do! I liked how I was able to acquire Lizardmen units I was never able to achieve when playing the table-top game; but in the end, there was close to no-need for any of them, and I just wanted to do something a little more exciting! At least there is a quest battle feature in the game so you can have a battle at some point!

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