Top 5 Daft Punk Songs

A few years ago, I weirdly got into the music of Daft Punk! I don’t know how it happened, but; yeah, I suddenly became a fan and listened to almost nothing but Daft Punk for a couple of months.

For those not in the know; Daft Punk are an electronic music duo from France. Since their debut in the early 1990’s, they have gone on to gain widespread success and popularity; selling over 12 million albums worldwide, and winning six Grammy‘s, four of which were in 2014 for the album Random Access Memories. The duo are also well known for wearing robot helmets and taking on the persona of robots in nearly all of their appearances.

Their music features possibly some of the most heard and best known tracks of the modern music age, with their pieces featured not just on the dance floor, but also in TV and Film too. It’s quite a unique and intriguing sound, especially if you have heard it for the first time. So I thought I would do a list of my top 5 favourite songs by Daft Punk. Now there were of course some which weren’t ‘lucky’, and did not reach the fame of the Top 5, but to give them a mention; here are some other cool songs by Daft Punk:

Harder, Better, Faster Stronger, Da Funk, and Around The World.

So, without any further fuss or delay; here are my Top 5 Favourite Daft Punk Songs, Enjoy!


5. The Primetime Of Your Life – This one I came across totally by random; but the video was pretty cool, and the electronic vocals saying ‘Primetime of Your Life!’ just sounded so cool. The song does develop and go somewhere at the half way point, but simply hearing ‘Primetime of your Life!’ over and over again is almost enough for me to make it stick and standout in my head.

4. Aerodynamic – This one is a lot more like the dance pieces that made them so recognizable. Aerodynamic sounds and ends with the Undertaker like dongs, before going into a fast but light riff that just carries on at a pleasant pace. But don’t forget to watch out for the stressed out synth sections throughout which help to break up the song by both tone and tune.

3. Get Lucky – This one I discovered originally whilst watching an episode of Castle which featured it. This one is a very different song as it feels like an easy going jazz piece than an electronic song. But this one though unlike the rest is more of a song rather than an instrumental like many of their other songs. This one features some electronically voiced lyrics, but is mostly sung by Pharrell Williams with additional guitar by Nile Rodgers. It’s a funky little song that is catchy and memorable, and is a light classic.

2. Derezzed – Did you know that Daft Punk produced the soundtrack for the film Tron: Legacy? Derezzed was one of the pieces produced for the film, and it’s a pretty cool tune. It features some ascending moments as the track, like the video are heading for a target. This builds but keeps the tune and momentum going creating a memorable but also funky and very enjoyable track.

1. Robot Rock – For many people, this track may sound familiar, as it’s featured in Iron Man 2. Its used briefly during iconic fight scene between Iron Man and War Machine. It’s a very repetitive track, but it creates this wonderful idea of what Robots might listen to. It’s a good old rock song as it features some hard rock elements plus some unique and heavy sounds. It also carries a cool dance beat which really helps to fit in with the rest of Daft Punk’s output. It’s just a good rock tune!

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