Mini Film Review – Reptilicus

I have just watched Reptilicus; and it was alright! Directed by Poul Bang, and starring Carl Ottosen, Asbjorn Andersen, and Bent Mejding; Reptilicus is a Danish Monster Movie about a giant reptile that wreaks havoc through Copenhagen. It’s a very interesting watch, it features many of the foundations and quips you would find in an American Monster Movie, but it does have some things to make it stand out above that. These come in the use of a puppet for Reptilicus, plus the science behind the creature is an interesting one; the resolve though is brought in rather late towards the film’s conclusion! Also, the Danish Army seemed to be a lot more organized in dealing with the threat of a giant monster, than the American Army usually are. Reptilicus does have it’s issues; mostly in the form of unreliable camera work and camera cuts between monster and the rest of the film. Also, there are some personal moments early on which don’t really provide any benefit to the plot. The film though is definitely worth a watch and a must see for all monster movie fans (keep a particular lookout for the scene where the general’s hair suddenly shifts)!

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