Mini Video Game Review – Little Big Workshop

Recently I have been playing Little Big Workshop; and it’s been pretty fun! Developed by Mirage Game Studios; Little Big Workshop is a business simulation/strategy game where you have to turn a simple workshop into a factory as you produce items for market. Like other games of it’s kind, it can be tricky to master, but once you hit your groove you can really soar. It’s fun to watch the little troll like characters running around your factory, and the collection of items to make is really fun. The game though can be hard to get going with early on, and it’s really hard to reach some of the more challenging goals, as at times it can feel genuinely impossible. The biggest gripe though is that sometimes it can look like that your workers are slacking off too much, as you have items to make, and sometimes they are just standing around. On the whole though, it’s fun and occasionally relaxing.

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